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Life is way better when you do it with people you love, are we right? We couldn't love locally and stretch globally in the ways that we do without the help of these fine souls. Each heart represented is awakening desires, dreams and passions in those around them, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary every day, and helping others tell their story worldwide.  Together, we are Raggamuffin®.



With a passion to pursue people’s stories, Jim continually leads Raggamuffin to new heights in partnerships and growth. His definitive strengths build leadership foundations equipped to foster the Raggamuffin culture and to push the company to reach its goals.




Founder and CEO
In 2002, Joy drew out the Raggamuffin logo as a first step towards her dreams of designing creative apparel. Raggamuffin is a product of her heart coming fully alive and her continued desire to instill that same hope in other artisans worldwide. She is our visionary, our strong tower, and source of adventure amidst the daily grind. Her free spirit bubbles over into everything she touches and she is pretty much our favorite ever.




Chief Financial Officer

Cory is a numbers master. In addition (did you catch that?), he is also our CEO’s other half! But more than just that, his hipster life is more than we could ever try to compete with, and his love for people worldwide is contagious. Cory’s drive for meaningful work led him straight into a committed role within Raggamuffin’s growth, where he now manages and supports our innovative accounting and operations staff. He surely adds a key component to our team!




Creative Director
Natalia lives loud and loves big. Passionate about building partnerships both local and global, she joined the Raggamuffin family and helps do just that. Her love for people and their stories fuel her drive to creatively design the best systems for our company’s culture to thrive. When she isn’t traveling around styling an event/photoshoot or designing new product lines, you can find her exploring new corners of the world and making friends!




Director of Marketing and Brand Development
Kate loves creativity, and collaboration. Her love of photography lies in capturing the extraordinary beauty found in everyday life & everyday people. While photographer by day, she is also a genius when it comes to her knowledge in brand consulting! Raggamuffin takes FULL advantage of her skills, usually throwing her all of our crazy, adventurous ideas during a late night meeting. Somehow, she always seems to make it fit, and look good too!




Director of International Program Operations

Laura is a bubbly burst of energy, ready to conquer any and all tasks! Before coming to Raggamuffin, she began her own non-profit, Redeeming Africa’s Hope, based in Kenya. After living full time in Kenya for several years, Laura now carries a full-bodied sense of International Partnerships and the keys to seeking out people in other cultures with purpose. Today, Laura is building roots in Florida to join the Raggamuffin team and confidently seek to manage our global artisans, fair-wage programs.



Director of Ragga’Peru
Ariel is a talented artisan living in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru with her husband and sweet little daughter. Born in the USA, Ariel moved to Peru in 2010 to support a non-profit organization she cared deeply for. In finding her own identity, Ariel awakened part of her passion to create, and continues to grow her dreams of partnering with women in Peru to build confidence and beauty, while also supporting them through fair wages. You can see her work via our Ragga’Kids line!



Owner of Ragga’Sound
Austin quickly made his way into our hearts from the very first time we heard him laugh. Our Birmingham brother is a force to be reckoned with on-stage as a drummer and off as the best live sound engineer we’ve ever known. Austin has traveled the world with the likes of IMAX and our Raggamuffin family that is iU Band. Today, he leads in profound services through his company, Ragga’Sound. Austin is the guy you want by your side when creating an atmosphere; be it a full-blown dance party, or a more intimate setting, he will never fail!



Director of Ragga’Haiti
Francette beams with light! Her cheerful spirit and solid leadership are just a couple reasons we were drawn to her sweet heart. Born and raised in Haiti, Francette lives off a small road in Petit Guave, where she cares not only for herself but the rest of the home, and others living there also. Her love for crafting and teaching others makes for a strong foundation within Ragga’Haiti. As she welcomes young girls to walk alongside her and learn, quality products are handcrafted and a love that wraps around the globe continues. You can find their work via the products created for our Ragga’Wedding company!


Director of Ragga’China
Megan is a constant source of creativity and honest inspiration. She is deeply passionate and loving – the kind of friend every person hopes for. Inspired by intricate details and pursuit, Megan seeks to find all the ways she could love just the one in a full crowd. Headed to China this Winter, she hopes to strengthen roots for Raggamuffin partnerships within the Yunnan Province and pioneer building relationships with young women through training opportunities. 




Director of Ragga’Kenya
Nelly Kagoro was born and raised in the coastal region of Kenya. Nelly grew while being sponsored through Compassion International by a loving mum in the USA, Connie. This beautiful opportunity enabled Nelly to acquire a quality education, and above all, itnstilled hope in her life. Her heart stands much more strong today, her story unveiled and continually being written. Today, Nelly partners with women in her own country through Ragga’ Kenya and fulfills her desire to encourage woman to live a dignified and hopeful life too. You can see their beautiful work via the jewelry in our Ragga’Accessories line!



Owner of Ragga’Yoga
Heidi Moreau, Owner and Lead Instructor of Ragga’Yoga, is a certified 225-hour yoga instructor through Holy Yoga. With passion for the mind, body, spirit and soul, Heidi believes that yoga is a beautiful form of freedom, deep healing and authentic worship to reach that rejuvenation. She began Ragga’Yoga to share her love and encourage others to reach freedom in their own mind, body, spirit and soul.




Dana Holmes

Director of Public Relations
Dana may have been born and raised in a small town, but she is a fiercely alive soul that fits right in with our global heartbeat. With a contagious smile, she knows no stranger and is our favoritesidekick when it comes to making friends worldwide! She keeps us on our toes, and did we mention she loves puppies? But, really, like alot.



Brittni Roberts

Editor in Chief/Storyteller
It doesn't take long to see Brittni's heart come to life, it truly pours out in everything that she does. Her journey has lead her through many adventures and we're super happy she is on our team! With a love for words and hearts everywhere, she is our go-to-girl for telling the stories linked in and around all that we do.



Reilly Guhr

Boss Intern Extraordinaire
The title says it all. Reilly may be young but she is fierce and our fight-hand-girl for all tasks in the studio. Her overflow of passion to design on all levels encourages our heart to uphold generations of creatives no matter where it takes us.