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Ariel Holmes Gallardo is an artisan that lives in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru with her husband, baby girl, and beloved pets. Ariel was born in the United States but moved to Peru in 2010 with her mother, where they both are a part of a non-profit organization called Off the Trail Missions, Inc which provides humanitarian aid to the surrounding regions of Pucallpa.


Ariel had always wanted to learn how to crochet like her grandmother and great grandmother. In the summer of May 2012, Ariel’s Grammy visited Peru and showed Ariel how to make a single crochet pattern. She began to practice and made a burp bib for a baby. That was only the beginning, as Ariel quickly found other patterns to follow and seamlessly handcrafted a myriad of different designs. Once she mastered clothing and flat items, Ariel was able to teach herself how to crochet animals. Through close connections and relationships, Raggamuffin quickly connected with Ariel and her craft. We knew immediately that we wanted to invest in Ariels craft and share our vision of empowering women all over the world.

Since partnering with Raggamuffin, her creations have been shared by the dozen and continue to catch people’s eye with their adorable quality and sweet features.  The hope is for Ariel to grow in teaching her art of crocheting with the women of Pucallpa and surrounding regions. As she works to prepare a studio to do so, we stand beside and support her in loving the people of Peru; to give them confidence in a job skill, provide fair trade wages for their families, and show them a little more about what a life fully alive can be!