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About Ragga’Kenya

Ragga’ Kenya (a part of the Raggamuffin family) is purposed to empower women worldwide. Together we have built relationships with Kenyan artisans to give them sustaining income through fair wages. These Kenyan women have a beauty to unveil through their products but no access to a market in their own country to make a living through selling them, leading them most often into a hopeless and unsafe reality.

Ragga’Kenya equips these women to brand and market their products on a larger scale, encouraging their giftings, and sharing their stories through each product  sold.

Ultimately, Ragga’Kenya fights for these women’s hope and their believe that they have something to offer.

 We are here for restoration, for hearts, for freedom.

“I lived in poverty but poverty no longer lives in me. Poverty is not as much a lack of food, clothing, shelter, or education as it is a lack of hope.”

Nelly, Ragga’Kenya
Owner and Artisan