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Like our other Ragga’Family partnerships, this too begins with just one heart in one country.

In this case, a beautiful woman named, Francette. Raggamuffin met her in 2012 when our president, Jim Powell, visited her city, Petit Guave. During his trip, he knew instantly that she was special, so we were naturally very eager to meet her, build a relationship with her, and essentially do life with her.

Fast forward two years later and our creative director, Natalia, and other essential members of our team, arrived inHaiti to officially partner with and train Francette as the new Director of Ragga’Haiti! During her training, Francette quickly picked up the skills and creativity that goes into making the recycled fabric flowers that are that are so beautifully incorporated into our Ragga’Wedding bouquets and hairpieces. Today, Francette creates the majority of the materials used for our wedding line while beaming with joy and love.

In a beautifully intricate way, Francette is already mentoring young girls in the home she currently lives, and Ragga’Haiti is just another avenue to support and encourage them in their craft. Francette is a natural born leader and has quicklypioneered the way for Ragga’Haiti to bea new refreshing way for her country to find hope. Francette daily redefines what it means to be a ragamuffin, and we are privileged to be a part of her story.