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What is the Ragga’Family?
While we work to foster relationships around the world, we also put the same devotion into our local community. The Ragga’Family is a group of companies, both local and global, that share our love for others & the Raggamuffin culture. With a passion for life purposed in loving others, each company is built on encouraging hearts to be fully alive in who they are.

Fully Alive from the Beginning
Each of the Ragga’Family companies are led by individuals who are awake to a trade that they love. The Ragga’Family began in 2011, with the creation of our first of many growing family partnerships: Ragga’Kenya. Like all of our stories, it began with our connection to just one beautiful heart, Nelly. She quickly became family and we knew we never wanted that to change. Together, we stand with Nelly as she empowers women in her community to thrive in their passions and have hope.

In the same light, we celebrate all that Heidi Moreau has created through her passion, Ragga’Yoga. Heidi found a true passion in teaching others to find freedom, health, and rest in Holy Yoga and restorative yoga therapy. When she stepped back from Raggamuffin to cultivate her passion for yoga, she found her calling and has worked tirelessly to share her love of yoga.

Get to Know the Whole Ragga’Family
Each company in the Ragga’Family is unique to its own offering and provides refreshing quality within each of their areas of expertise. Many of them create the very products you find in our shop! Click on each of the icons below to read more about each company.