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At the beginning of 2015, our good friend Megan took the dream inside all of our hearts to pour into the Chinese community and ran with it. She hopped a jet plane and now lives across the pond inside a studio apartment in Wenshan, where she not only documents the culture and daily life in China, but travels to cultivate newfound relationships with hearts all across the Yunnan province (follow more of her story here).  In many cases, this includes channeling her deeply profound storytelling abilities through photography and detailed product development through a desire to encourage people’s passions.

During our teams’ most recent trip to China, we connected and quickly grew to love a talented young girl who designs and handcrafts unique jewelry. Megan has, again, picked up the vision and followed through on a friendship to last for years to come.

World, meet Jenny.

‘Jenny is a free spirit and an artist with exceptional jewelry-making skills. She and her goods stand apart from the other vendors due to her individual style, care, precision and quality which go into every piece she makes by hand. She has an appreciation for traditional elements, all while creating something new and unique. Back in December, a collection of her leather bracelets which she carefully makes, wrapping each one in bits of minority material, were selected to be sold through Raggamuffin®. We plan to continue to partner with her so that her jewelry can be shared and enjoyed by many.’

There have been many opportunities to date where Raggamuffin® has had the privilege to grow in friendship with locals and organizations committed to spreading life and love across China. We are thrilled and expectant for all of the partnerships ahead as we rekindle hearts and restore life.

Stay tuned for more products and designs from our beautiful artisans in China!