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Joy Murdock

I am a Raggamuffin

Raggamuffin is a culture.

Its definition beautifully and deeply covers the basis and foundation of the heartbeat that keeps it alive.

It is the why, the what, and the who.

It reaches beyond borders and reaches into real lives, real situations and real hearts, giving hope.

But to each of us, within the context of our Raggamuffin culture, there is an even more specific meaning that it holds and personal freedom that it gives.


For me, Raggamuffin is permission to let go and just beme.

It’s a free pass to not have it all together.

It is a gracious and graceful allowance that I can be as messy on the outside some days as I might feel on the inside.


Let’s be honest – life can be a hot mess, friends.

Life is messy, yes, and life is beautiful.

And it is supposed to be this way.


True life is about love; Loving others and allowing ourselves to receive love, even when we may feel undeserving of it.

But to love others and to receive love from others, the equation for love involves, well, others.


And people are messy. Relationships are sticky. (Real ones!)

But it is this beautiful mess that makes our lives so full and, if we allow it, so free.


Have you ever met those people that just seem to have it going on?

Well I have and it breaks my heart because I just want to see them let loose and get mad or dance horribly or belly laugh until a little snort is heard. There is an unkept child inside of them and there is an unkept child inside of you and me, too.

There is a Raggamuffin inside of us all.

I am so thankful to be a part of a culture that welcomes our unkept lives, because life is not meant to be perfect, butauthentic and overwhelmingly full.

This is what being a Raggamuffin means to me.

Join me in the freedom.

Welcome to our culture!