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Joy Murdock

Close your eyes.

Slow your breath.

Sink in deeper to the earth.

Inhale grace.

Exhale expectation.


Welcome to Ragga’Yoga, friends.

This is a practice full of life, Truth, healing, movement, peace, authenticity and joy.

This is a practice for every – body. Literally, every body shape and size.

We are not a company for the perfect, the most fit, the trendiest.

We do not strive to keep up with the Jones’s.

We ARE a company that welcomes everyone from all walks of life to a place where rest & restoration bring healing and a deeper connection to mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.


In keeping with our “Mother Company”, Raggamuffin, we are a part of a Family that embodies a culture where beauty arises from ashes and hope from desolate places.


In other words, come as you are.


We are all in need of something deeper, something more.

We work, do, go, strive, stress, tire and wear ourselves out until we become sick, depressed or hopeless.

But we know there is more.


We provide an opportunity, a safe place, to refresh, restore, and reset.

Stress keeps our bodies in a state of chaos down to a cellular level. This results in sickness and even disease, such as cancer.

When we take the time out of our busy lives to rest, something shifts within; Beginning in the mind and moving into the body, heart and spirit, we begin to heal on a mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual level.


Deep breathing calms the Central Nervous System and allows for every system in the body to function closer to its natural, healthy state.

We move and exercise, yes, but more than that – we heal.


Through this simple act of just showing up without expectations, there is a deep, lasting transformation that begins to take shape in every area of our lives.

This is not just the case for some, but for everyone, because all of us are in desperate need of a place where we have permission to just be.

So join us, friends!


Namaste + Shalom

Welcome to our Culture.